We all desire to have that perfect and vibrant lawn, admired by many. A good place for our children to safely call a playground. To achieve this type of success, we need to go organic and a change in mindset Organic in the sense that the grass in your lawn is greener and safe with no fertilizers and chemical free. It’s good to go natural and environment friendly.

Changing your lawn to organic however has proven not to be an easy task to many as it requires a lot of effort, money and devotion as you are clearly trying to restore the lawn’s soil. Advantage of this type of organic lawn ranging from saving ones effort and money. Why? Because a lawn in its organic state, is able to fight pests on its own. Positively, switching to organic fertilizer is way easier and is a good start to organic lawns.

Organic lawns come with a lot of responsibility. You need to be well aware of the types of fertilizers you apply on your lawn always go for natural plants and animals as once applied they release nutrients slowly as needed by the plants. You also have to use fertilizers in accordance to the instructions provided by the manufacturer on usage. This is to avoid bleaching the plants.

Weeds are a well known threat that need to be removed to ensure plants on your organic lawn flourish. Weeding an organic lawn on a regular basis creates room for better growth of grass, green grass in particular.

Water is life. You need to ensure your organic lawn has a sufficient and continuous supply of water. Its usually advisable to choose a grass species that does not necessarily require a lot of water to cut on costs. The disadvantage associated with that perfect lawn however is the great havoc on your wallet to maintain it. An organic lawn with enough water will be greener than that will minimal amount of water.

A mistake often made by organic lawn owners is the wrong choice of planting that often do not do well in their climate. If you fall victim of this either directly or indirectly, you are consume so much of your life and time tending to your lawn to ensure things do not go haywire which is usually almost impossible when you do not choose grass that does not do well in your climate. A frustration to many organic lawn owners. But for those who begin the organic journey as advised not to give up as organic lawn care has often been seen to take a bit longer however, the results are worth the wait.

Organic lawns have also been well known to a scenic beauty to many homes as nature in itself is our natural habitat. The green grass brings out the natural beauty and a lot of glam where people can sit as families and relax, children can play safely and some can take spectacular photos.

For good lawn maintenance, always set your lawn mower high to have longer grass to shade out weeds, sharpen lawn mower blades to cut grass cleanly and always water early in the morning before the day heats up. In organic lawns, its always a matter of finding out what works best for you to improve your home.